Solar Panel Cleaning

The Streamline™ Rotating Brush for Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning with the Streamline™ Rotating Brush head – a cutting-edge solution for maintaining pristine solar panels with ease. The rotating brush heads are designed specifically for efficiently cleaning photovoltaic modules, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Key Features:

  • Rounded brush ends for frames and protruding edges
  • Brush widths: 40cm or 60cm
  • 3 Bristle Designs: White – extra soft bristles for glass, Red – soft spliced for solar cleaning, and Blue – hard for facade cleaning
  • 3 Power fan nozzles
  • Wide jet angle
  • Low weight brushes: 40cm – 2.2kg, 60cm – 2.8kg
  • 2 Powerful 24v motors

Matched with a Streamline™ OVA8™ pole, this solar panel cleaning brush can be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

solar panel cleaning with a rotating brush from Streamline

Advantages For Solar Panel Cleaning

Rounded Brush Ends

  • The inclusion of rounded brush ends serves a critical purpose in ensuring comprehensive cleaning without causing damage. These specially designed ends effectively navigate around frames and protruding edges, safeguarding the integrity of delicate surfaces. This feature ensures that every inch of the solar panel is thoroughly cleaned, leaving no area untouched or vulnerable to potential scratching or abrasion.

3 Brush Head Designs

  • Each brush head design caters to specific cleaning needs, offering versatility and precision. The white brush head, engineered with extra soft bristles, is tailored for delicate glass surfaces, providing a gentle yet effective cleaning without risking damage. The red brush head, featuring soft spliced bristles, is optimised for solar panels, ensuring thorough dirt removal while maintaining surface integrity. Finally, the blue brush head, with hard bristles, is designed for facade cleaning, tackling tougher stains and debris with ease. Available in 40cm or 60cm sizes.

3 Power Fan Nozzles

  • The inclusion of three power fan nozzles equipped with wide-angle jets enhances the cleaning process by delivering a powerful and even distribution of water spray, maximising cleaning efficiency and coverage, ensuring that dirt and grime are effectively dislodged and rinsed away. The wide-angle jets enable thorough cleaning of large surface areas in less time, reducing the need for manual intervention and enhancing overall productivity.

Low Weight Brushes

  • The emphasis on lightweight design minimises operator fatigue and facilitates effortless maneuverability during cleaning operations. This promotes user comfort and efficiency, enabling prolonged use without strain or discomfort. With lightweight brushes, operators can navigate challenging terrain and reach elevated surfaces with ease, enhancing overall effectiveness and productivity.

2 Powerful 24V Motors

  • The incorporation of two powerful 24V motors ensures robust performance and reliable operation, even in demanding cleaning environments. Thereby delivering superior cleaning power and efficiency. The high-performance motors drive the rotation of the brush head, maximising cleaning effectiveness and minimising the time and effort required to achieve optimal results. Additionally, the dual-motor design enhances durability and resilience, ensuring long-term reliability and performance consistency.

Solar panel cleaning on an industrial scale requires professional equipment, manufactured for the precise process of cleaning delicate photovoltaic panels. Using hand held devices like our rotating brush heads and an OVA8 pole, gives you more control and precision. For much larger areas, robotic cleaners could be your answer.

rotating solar brushes