Mobi™ Midget™ RODI Trolley System Kit

The Mobi Midget RODI trolley system

The Mobi™ Midget™ RODI Trolley System Kit

Product Number: FP-TR1200L-02

The Mobi™ Midget™ RODI trolley system kit is a three-stage filtration system that incorporates three distinct purification technologies: a carbon block pre-filter, a reverse osmosis membrane, and a polishing DI filter.

The result of the three filtration procedures is clean water with a purity level of 000ppm.

This unit is designed for a single operator.

This excellent stainless-steel mobile trolley system can filter tap water on-demand while on-site.

You are able to produce a strong flow of pure water quality using a battery powered RODI trolley system.

The Mobi™ Midget™ Trolley System Kit can be used in courtyards, around schools, retail malls, and other situations where a van or trailer system cannot go. With the use of a short lightweight carbon fibre OVA8™ pole, the trolley systems can also be mounted on rooftops for abseiling or suspended platform-based cleaning

mobi midget RODI trolley system cleaning windows
Mobi™ Midget™ Trolley System Kit
  • 1x Single Operator
  • 100psi Max Filtration Pressure
  • 6hr Charge Time, 4hr Run Time
  • Compact And Robust Stainless-Steel Frame
  • A Removable Battery For Charging Or Quick Changing
  • Built-In USB Port So You Can Charge Your Mobile Device While Out And About
  • Compact Frame Ensuring The Unit Can Be Used In Either Vertical Or
    Horizontal Positions
  • Instant Pure Water On Demand With A Inline Water Quality TDS Meter
  • Pumped Unit Means Consistent Flow And Pressure Regulation

Filtration includes:

  • 5 Micron Sediment Filter To Remove Larger Particles
  • 5 Micron Carbon Pre-Filter To Remove Chlorine
  • Streamline Reverse Osmosis Membrane – 300gpd
  • DI Filter Completes The Purification Stage, Polishing The Water To 000ppm
the MOBI midget cleaning windows
the rodi trolley system
the rodi trolley system unit
OVA8 waterfed poles

The OVA8™ Waterfed Pole Range

Quick release system: The OVA8™ quick release system allows you to remove and attach the brush with ease, either vertically or horizontally to suit the application.

Zero Spin: The innovative flat sided design ensures pole spin and worm pole sections are a thing of the past

Superior Clamps: Pole section clamps ensure the pole stays where you want them no matter the height

100% Carbon Fibre: Super lightweight carbon fibre poles

Choose Your OVA8™ Pole Size

  • Product Code: OV14-24-E – 2.44mtr
  • Product Code: OV17-24-E – 5.1mtr
  • Product Code: OV22-24-E – 6.7mtr
  • Product Code: OV25-24-E – 7.3mtr
  • Product Code: OV30-24-E – 9.1mtr
  • Product Code: OV40-30-E – 12.4mtr
  • Product Code: OV45-30-E – 13.7mtr
  • Product Code: OV60-40-E – 18.2mtr
Mobi™ Midget™ Trolley System Kit - Maintenance

In this video find out how to use and maintain your Mobi™ Midget™ Trolley System Kit

Mobi™ Midget™ Trolley System Kit - Key Features

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Mobi® Midget Trolley System Kit - In Action

Learn more about what the Mobi™ Midget™ Trolley System Kit can do for you.

Mobi™ Midget™ Trolley System Kit - Instructions Manual

Download your copy of the Mobi™ Midget ™ Trolley System Kit Instructions to help set up your system and pole and keep it running as proficiently as possible while cleaning

Mobi™ Midget™ Trolley System Kit - Specifications Sheet

Download your copy of the Mobi™ Midget™ Trolley System Kit Specification sheet to see the features and benefits of your kit.

Mobi midget specifications

Specifications of The Mobi™ Midget™

Here are the specification of the Streamline™ Mobi™ Midget™ trolley system:


  • Height: 1220mm
  • Width: 480mm
  • Depth: 365mm

Key Features

  1. Tds meter
  2. V16 digital flow controller
  3. 2x ro membranes
  4. Inlet/outlet/waste water connections
  5. Handle
  6. 2x flat free tyres
  7. Pressure gauge
  8. Carbon block filter
  9. Handle