Static RO Systems

Introducing Filterplus™ Static RO Systems, a comprehensive line-up of water filtration systems engineered to effectively eliminate impurities, contaminants, and chemicals from your water source. Our systems are driven by cutting-edge technology and crafted with premium materials to ensure enduring performance, even in the most challenging environments. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial use, we offer a tailored solution to address your requirements.

Employing a sophisticated five-stage filtration process, these Reverse Osmosis systems excel in removing up to 99% of impurities from your water. The initial three stages target sediment, chlorine, and various contaminants, while the fourth stage features a reverse osmosis membrane, adept at eliminating up to 99% of dissolved solids, such as lead, arsenic, and fluoride.

Key Advantages of Filterplus™ Static RO Systems:

1. 99% Impurity Removal: Experience water purity with up to 99% of impurities effectively removed.

2. Clean and Purified Water: Enjoy clean and purified water suitable for spotless cleaning.

3. Appliance Protection: Safeguard your appliances from potential damage caused by the detrimental effects of hard water.

Discover the excellence of Filterplus™ Static RO Systems, where advanced filtration meets unparalleled performance for your water purification needs.

Filterplus 650 static RODI system
The Filterplus™ 650Ltr Static RODI Filtration System

The Filterplus™ 650Ltr Static RODI Filtration System (Product Code: FP-ST1200-01-650), is a high-performance water purification solution designed to deliver exceptional benefits across various applications.

High Purity Water Production:
With the capacity to generate up to 5400 litres of pure water, the 650Ltr Filterplus™ static system ensures a consistent supply of water with the highest purity standards. Bid farewell to contaminants like minerals, salts, heavy metals, and bacteria, making it ideal for spotless cleaning, aquariums, hydroponics, and laboratory testing.

Ample Storage Capacity:
The storage tank, equipped with an auto shut-off feature, guarantees a continuous supply of pure water. Moreover, the Filterplus™ 650Ltr allows for flexible expansion of storage capacity by adding multiple tanks, ensuring you never run out when needed most.

Effective Plug-and-Play System:
This is a truly effective plug-and-play static pure water system, designed for hassle-free operation.

Compact Design:
The system’s compact design allows versatile installation in various locations, saving space, and ensuring seamless integration into your setup. Designed to easily fit through standard doorways, it offers convenience and flexibility.

User-Friendly Operation:
Monitoring water purity is simplified with the built-in inline TDS monitoring system. The operating pressure gauge provides precise control over water flow, and the timed transfer system with HiFlo hose and nozzle storage streamlines the process. The timed motor automatically shuts off after 15 minutes to prevent burnout.

Built to Last:
Featuring a robust construction, this system ensures durability, withstanding the demands of everyday use without compromise.

Versatile spotless applications: Whether washing cars, cleaning windows, or working with sensitive electronics, the RODI water produced guarantees spotless results for a wide range of applications.

Ideal for commercial cleaning applications in hospitals, leisure centres, shopping centres, holiday sites, industrial estates, and anywhere that requires a constant supply of pure water.

Battery Lifespan Extension:
RO water can be used in car batteries to extend their lifespan and improve performance. Free of impurities that can damage battery cells, it helps prevent corrosion and improves electrolyte conductivity, leading to better battery performance.

Filterplus Maxi RO system
Filterplus™ Maxi RO Static System

The Filterplus™ Maxi RO Static System is an advanced water filtration solution with a seamlessly integrated RO setup and an expansive filter capacity. Experience one of the simplest ways to purify water, eliminating chemicals and providing on-demand access to pure water. The system features a waste adjustment valve, empowering operators to customise the pure water ratio as needed.

Key Benefits:

1. Free-Standing Unit: Enjoy the flexibility of a stand-alone system for convenient placement.

2. Fully Incorporated RO Setup: Benefit from a comprehensive reverse osmosis configuration for thorough water filtration.

3. Pre-Filters: Enhance water purity with pre-filters targeting impurities before the main filtration process.

4. Large Filter Capacity: Ensure an extended lifespan and efficiency with a substantial filter capacity.

5. DI Filter Accessory: Easily add a DI (Deionisation) filter accessory for enhanced water purification.

6. Fully Adjustable Water Waste Ratio: Tailor the water waste ratio to your specific requirements using the waste adjustment valve.

7. Full Flush Function: Optimise system performance with a full flush function for thorough maintenance.

8. Easy Setup: Experience a hassle-free setup process for quick and efficient installation.

9. Easy-to-Read Pressure Dial: Stay informed with a pressure dial that is easy to read, providing real-time monitoring.

10. Produces 3000 GPD (Gallons Per Day): Ensure a reliable and ample supply of purified water with a production capacity of 3000 gallons per day.

Filterplus Mini static RO system
Filterplus™ Mini RO Static System

The Filterplus™ Mini RO Static System is a fully commercial filtration unit meticulously crafted for versatility—whether freestanding or wall-mounted. This dynamic system consistently produces high volumes of pure water, boasting a capacity of up to 1200 GPD (3.8 L/min / 228 L/hr).

Key Benefits:

1. Ideal for Commercial Applications: Tailored for diverse commercial uses, ensuring a reliable supply of pure water.

2. Easy Installation and Maintenance: Simplify the setup process and ongoing maintenance for user convenience.

3. Long Lifespan: Built for durability, the system boasts a lengthy operational lifespan.

4. Rust-Resistant: Features rust-resistant components, ensuring resilience in various environmental conditions.

5. Adjustable Wastewater Ratio: Customise the wastewater ratio to meet specific needs, offering flexibility in water usage.

6. Inbuilt Booster Pump: Enhances performance with an integrated booster pump for optimal water purification.

7. Stainless Steel Support Frame: Designed with a durable stainless steel support frame, ensuring longevity.

8. Compact and Professional Design: Space-efficient and professionally designed to seamlessly integrate into diverse settings.

9. Built-in Inline TDS Meter: Monitors water quality with an integrated Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter.

10. Easy-to-Read Pressure Dial: Stay informed with a pressure dial that is easy to read, facilitating real-time monitoring of system pressure.

600gpd filterplus static system
600GPD Filterplus™ Direct Flow RO System

Benefits of the 600GPD Filterplus™ System:

1. Efficient Filtration:
– Triple prefiltration removes sediment, rust, and particles.
– Dual membrane eliminates bacteria, viruses, and contaminants.

2. Convenient Monitoring and Control:
– Pressure gauge allows easy monitoring of system pressure.
– Shut-off valve for simple control of water supply.

3. Sturdy and Space-Saving Design:
– Mounted on a robust metal frame for durability.
– Compact and cost-effective, ensuring easy installation and maintenance.

4. Reliable Performance:
– Requires a minimum of 40psi inlet pressure for optimal operation.
– Long lifespan guarantees sustained efficiency.

300gpd filterplus static system
300GPD Filterplus™ Direct Flow RO System

Benefits of the 300GPD Filterplus™ Direct Flow RO System:

1. Cost-Effective Purification:
– Compact and part-assembled for affordability.
– Triple prefiltration and single membrane ensure efficient water purification.

2. Convenient Setup and Operation:
– Easy to assemble and operate.
– Mounted on a sturdy metal frame for durability.

3. Reliable Performance:
– Produces up to 300 US gallons of purified water per day.
– Option available with an integral booster pump for enhanced efficiency.

4. Effective Contaminant Removal:
– Triple prefiltration and single membrane remove harmful contaminants, bacteria, and viruses.

5. Low Maintenance:
– Equipped with a pressure gauge and shut-off valve for easy monitoring and control.
– Requires minimal maintenance for hassle-free operation.