Streamflo™ 120ltr Barrow System Kit

The Streamflo™ 120ltr Barrow System Kit

The 120ltr Barrow System is perfect for on-site cleaning of windows, gutters, fascia’s and cladding in and around institutions such as school, colleges, shopping centres, business parks etc.

The purpose built 120ltr profile water tank is mounted on a two-wheel trolley with large flat-free tyres offering excellent stability, even when full. Fitted with our Streambox powerpack which includes a 100psi pump, Lithium-Ion battery and controller making it a versatile addition to the range.

As standard the complete system includes a 5mtrs of feed hose with couplers to connect the hose reel to the pole via the pump and a battery charge to charge the battery.

Part Numbers:

  • SF-B120L-000: Basic 120ltr trolley system
  • SF-B120L-000-H: Includes 50mtr hose and reel
  • SF-B120L-072: 120ltr trolley system with DI filter
  • SF-B120-072-H: 120ltr system with 50mtr hose & reel

This portable barrow system kit is an ideal portable window cleaning system for professionals.

120ltr trolley system

The Streamflo™ 120ltr Kit

  • (1) 1x 120ltr Containers (approx. Use – 25ltr of water per house)
  • (2) Powerful 100psi diaphragm pump
  • Streamline™ flow controller to maximise flow and save wasting water
  • Rechargeable gel battery with intelligent battery charger for efficient recharging (battery may last 2-3 days, depending on usage)
  • Compact design, with collapsible handles for storing in confined spaces
  • (4) Lightweight frame with handle mounted on the front plate, for easy lifting and handling
  • (3) Di filtration (SF-B120L-072 and SF-B120L-072-H only) for fast pure water production
  • Hand-held tds meter for accurate water quality checks (di version only)
  • (5) Comes with 6mm of 50mtr hiviz hose and reel (SF-B120L-000-H and SF-B120L-072-H)


Resin capacity to filter up to 2,000ltrs of water (At a starting TDS of 100ppm)

measurements of the 120ltr kit
cleaning with the barrow kit
window cleaning with the 120ltr system kit
the portable barrow system kit
the barrow system kit control panel
Streamflo™ 120ltr Barrow Kit - Maintenance

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Streamflo™ 120ltr Barrow System Kit - Instruction Manual

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Streamflo™ 120ltr Barrow System Kit - Specifications Sheet

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