Streamline Batteries

12v Lithium Ion Battery Charger

Streamline 12v lithium ion battery charger

Suitable for both Streamflo® SF-TR25 & SF-TR50 trolley systems (2019+ Model)

Product Code: BC4L-TR-ES
12v Lithium Ion Battery with Charger

Suitable for both Streamflo® SF-TR25 & SF-TR50 trolley systems (2019+ Model)

  • 5hr Charge time
  • 12hr Continuous run time when powering the SF-DP22-012-100-238 Streamflo® pump 12v 100psi / 4.5lpm
  • Contains built in USB charging port (phone and charging cable show in the image not included)
  • Includes Streamline carry case and charger
Holdall for Lithium Battery

Holdall for lithium battery- printed Streamline

Product Code: V000013
Streambox™ Mini Pump Kit 100psi with Flow Controller

Streambox™ mini pump kit 100psi with flow controller, lithium battery and charger

Product Code: SB100-26V-LBC
Intelligent Lead Acid Battery Charger CTEK

Intelligent lead acid battery charger CTEK

Product Code: BC00012
Multi Stage Fully Automatic Battery Charger

The smartest battery charger in the world. For all types of 12v lead acid batteries.

Product Code: BC00011
200amp Automatic Split Charge Relay

200A Automatic split charge relay

Product Code: 200AR-PRO

30amp Automatic Split Charge Relay

30amp Automatic split charge relay

  • Suited to single use auxiliary battery.
  • 30Amp self switching dual charge relay
Product Code: 30AR
Split Charge Relay System

Split charge relay system for Euro 5/6 vehicles including 100ah battery, enclosure, relay and cabling

Product Code: SP100-PRO
Split Charge Relay System

Split charge relay system to suit Euro 5/6 vehicles including twin 110ah batteries, enclosures, relay and cabling

Product Code: SP100-D-PRO
Battery Box To Suit LB110AH

Battery box suitable for the LB110AH batteries – 280mm x 400mm x 230mm.

Product Code: LH110
Battery Box To Suit LB85AH

Battery box suitable to take LB85AH batteries -280mm x 300mm x 230mm

Product Code: LH28
Battery AGM 12v, 26ah

26AH Gel Battery suitable for the Streamline trolley system and much more…..

  • Voltage : 12v
  • Capacity : 26AH
  • Weight : 9.0kg
  • Dimensions : 175mm x 166mm x 125mm

Designed for standby and cyclic use LSLC26-12G (12v 26Ah / 20Hr) sealed rechargeable battery

Product Code: LB026AH
Battery Box for LB110AH Battery

Battery box for LB110AH battery, with internal compartment – black

Product Code: LH110-BK
Croc Clips for Batteries

Croc clips for batteries

Product Code: CC1
Glass Fuse 10amp to suit FU10

Glass fuse 10amp to suit FU10

Product Code: FU10-10
Enclosure for LB026AH battery – Grey

Enclosure, for LB026AH battery – grey

Product Code: LH39
Enclosure, for Smartank Fuse Box

Enclosure, for LB026AH battery – grey

Product Code: LH25
Trolley Battery Charger

Battery charger for the Streamline window cleaning trolley systems.

(Complete with XLR charging plug adapter).

Product Code: BC4A-TR-UK