5 Reasons For Using A Telescopic Window Cleaning Pole


Window cleaning has evolved over the years from a cleaner with a chamois leather and bucket, to T-bar and rubber squeegee… and finally to specially designed water filtration systems and high reach telescopic poles.

Thanks to Streamline™, this latest technology allows the cleaner to operate safely from the ground without the need for using potentially dangerous ladders and other elevated platforms or lifting equipment. Below are our top five benefits of a telescopic window cleaning pole,

1. Superior and safer cleaning


Safety is a priority and using a telescopic window cleaning pole eliminates the risks of accidents on ladders. Some grounds around homes are sloped areas and can be difficult to place ladders of which the benefits of using a telescopic window cleaning poles are that it decreases your time spent up and down the ladder, as well as moving the ladder from one side of the property to the other, this also increases your efficiency and allows users to clean up to 75feets from the safety of the ground.


2. Environmentally friendly


Waterfed poles allow you to clean windows without any harmful chemicals. It also gives the customer a peace of mind that no chemicals or minerals are left on their home, lawn or garden.

3. No more “impossible to reach” window


No more ‘impossible to reach’ windows above the conservatory, thanks to the the latest range of carbon fibre telescopic poles which are able to reach as high as 72feet. Now those Velux windows and sky-lights can also be easily cleaned! What about cleaning fascias and gutters too? This can be done easily using the same equipment.


4. Allows operators to use pure water


Pure water is water that has been passed through a DI filter (deionised water) or RODI water (Reverse Osmosis DI ionised water) that has removed any dissolved solids such as minerals, salts, metals, etc. That’s why we test the water using a TDS metre (Total Dissolved Solids) which would give us a reading of zero. Pure water that has a TDS reading of zero is very aggressive in removing dirt, so you will no longer need soaps or squeegees to break up the dirt on the glass.


5. Versatility


Our waterfed poles are very versatile. You can also reach your high and angled windows, such as skylights without the use of ladder. Telescopic poles can be used for various of applications for example, roofs, signs, or fascias. Also, the waterfed poles allows our customers to reach conservatory roofs and solar panels as well.