The Difference Between Fan and Jets


It’s a debate that’s been ongoing for years, with no objective right or wrong answer, but plenty of opinion. Pencil jets are identifiable by their pin point in the middle of the nozzle, while fan jets have a long line through the middle to easily spread the water.


Attaching either of these to your brush is identical. Simply twist the jet heads into the brush and insert the tubings into the t-piece.


The pencil jets boast a powerful stream of water from each nozzle, perfect for more intense areas of grime and dirt. These streams have a very long reach, meaning the brush does not need to be close to the glass in order to wet it.


Whereas the fan jets opt for coverage rather than precision. Each nozzle emits a wide showered stream of water, covering the entire glass pane in virtually no time at all. This is especially useful for more out-of-reach windows, where it is harder to identify whether any parts of a window have been missed.


Both the fan and pencil jets offer huge upsides to the window cleaners repertoire, and since they are so simple to attach and detach, it’s hard not to recommend having both at your disposal, to be prepared for any and all challenges ahead.