DI Filtration

DI Filtration Systems For External Window Cleaning

Deionization – DI filtration trolleys removes all of the mineral ions from water using ion-exchange resins. DI filtration systems complement RO filtration by further enhancing water purity. They effectively eliminate dissolved solids, resulting in ultra-pure water. It’s important to consider that DI filtration alone may not eliminate all contaminants and is best utilized alongside other filtration methods. It’s a fact that regular window cleaning prevents glass degradation. Dirt particles will enter the glass’ rivets, which then can contaminate and corrode the windows. Regular cleaning will ensure the windows continue to look and perform perfectly, helping to prevent small problems which could turn into bigger issues. Dirty windows can also affect natural light into our homes, and in soft water areas where water is low in minerals, the water can attract other contaminants, affecting residents’ mood and health. Deionisation filtration systems are perfect for external window cleaning, leaving a streak free window, saving you time, and with our telescopic poles, man hours.

Streamflo softclean SW-T025L-222
25ltr Streamflo™ Trolley System

If you encounter challenging situations where tight alleyways or rear windows are difficult to reach with traditional van-mounted systems, Streamline offers an effective solution. Introducing the Streamflo 25ltr Trolley System, this innovative solution provides portable and readily available pure water. The setup is incredibly straightforward – just fill the container with tap water, and it’s instantly prepared to deliver 0ppm pure water (in the version equipped with a resin filter).

With the Streamflo 25ltr Trolley System, you no longer have to worry about inaccessible windows hindering your cleaning tasks. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of this portable system, enabling you to achieve spotless window cleaning results wherever you go. The Streamflo 25ltr Trolley System from Streamline – a game-changer in the world of window cleaning. With its remarkable portability, this innovative system is designed to tackle the most inaccessible windows with ease.

Pure water on demand wherever you are working, and small enough to fit in your van and be ready to go when you are.

Streamflo 120ltr Battery Powered Barrow System

The 120ltr barrow system kit, is an ideal solution for efficient on-site cleaning of windows, gutters, fascia, and cladding in various institutions such as schools, colleges, shopping centres, and business parks.

Specifically designed for convenience, this kit features a purpose-built 120ltr profile water tank mounted on a two-wheel trolley with large flat-free tires, ensuring exceptional stability even when fully loaded. The system incorporates the Streambox™ powerpack, which includes a 100psi pump, Lithium-Ion battery, and controller, providing versatility and functionality. Included with the system is a 5mtrs feed hose with couplers, enabling easy connection from the hose reel to the pole via the pump. Additionally, a battery charger is provided to facilitate the charging of the battery, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

With the 120ltr Barrow System Kit, you have everything you need to perform on-site cleaning tasks effectively. Its robust design, stability, and comprehensive features make it a valuable addition to your cleaning equipment.

Mobi Carry Kit De-ionising Filter

The Mobi Carry de-ionising filters offer the convenience of a comfortable carry handle, enabling easy transportation to the desired location for external window cleaning. These mobile water filtration vessels can be taken to the point of use, allowing for immediate access to purified water. Additionally, their versatile design allows for alternative usage scenarios, such as being mounted on a vertical surface like a wall near a tap or integrated into a van as part of a comprehensive system.

These efficient filters are filled with demineralising resin, ensuring the production of instant pure water. They are particularly useful for applications that require a spot-free rinse, such as cleaning glass, windows, frames, conservatory roofs, solar panels, and more. By utilizing the Mobi Carry filters, users can conveniently obtain high-quality purified water wherever they need it, whether it’s for professional cleaning tasks or other purposes.

Filterplus mobi carry FP-MOBI-C0817-02
Filterplus Mobi Carry De-ionising Filter Specifications:
  • Product Code: FP-MOBI-C0817-02
  • Size: Filterplus Mobi Carry 8 x 17

The Mobi Carry filters have a comfy carry handle, which allows them to be carried to point of use, or even fixed to a vertical surface, i.e. Wall-mounted near a tap, or even fixed in a van as part of a system. It is filled with demineralising resin, which produce instant pure water for applications where a spot-free rinse is required, such as cleaning glass, windows, frames, conservatory roofs, solar panels, etc.

The Mobi Carry system is recommended for commercial users situated in a soft water area up to 150ppm. Suitable to produce 2,000ltr of pure water at 100ppm.

Hose Connection Kits for Mobi Basic Mobile Filter

nylon hose kit FP-MOBI-KIT-014344
Nylon Hose Kit - 1mtr

From the tap connector to the filter vessel.

Product code: FP-MOBI-KIT-014344

nylon hose kit FP-MOBI-KIT-014244
Nylon Hose Kit - 1mtr

Form the filter vessel to the hose reel

Product code: FP-MOBI-KIT-014244

stainless hose kit FP-MOBI-KIT-012529
Stainless Hose Kit

From the tap connector to the filter vessel

Product code: FP-MOBI-KIT-012529

stainless hose kit FP-MOBI-KIT-012129
Stainless Hose Kit

From the filter vessel to the hose reel

Product code: FP-MOBI-KIT-012129