Hot Pressure Washer Systems

Hot Pressure Washers: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Cleaning

Hot water pressure washer systems helps to loosen dirt, grime, and other debris, making it easier and effective to remove. They are often used for commercial and industrial cleaning applications, but they can also be used for residential cleaning tasks.

In addition to being effective, hot water pressure washing is also a safe and environmentally friendly cleaning method. The heat from the hot water pressure washer trailer helps to kill bacteria and other microorganisms, and the pressure from the water helps to remove dirt and debris without damaging the surface whilst being cleaned.

There are many different types of hot water pressure washers available, ranging in size and power from small, portable units to large, stationary machines or even bespoke vehicle solutions. The type of pressure washer system you need will depend on the size of the area you need to clean and the amount of dirt and grime that needs to be removed.

The 200bar Yanmar Powered Hot Water Pressure Washer

This is an industrial hot water pressure washer, capable of meeting the most demanding of cleaning tasks on hand such as graffiti and chewing gum removal. The well-proven Yanmar L100 diesel engine coupled via a gearbox to an Italian made Comet triple plunger pump, along with industrial grade dual lance, hose and other hardware means that this machine is your reliable number one for commercial work, day in and day out. The compact yet robust cage mounted on wheels enables this machine to be easily transported around site.

The Hotcube Specifications,

  • Maximum Rated Pressure – 200bar (2,800psi)
  • Maximum Rated Flow – 16lpm (4.2gpm)
  • Maximum Rated Temperature – 140 deg C (284 deg F)


Yanmar powered hot water Pressure Washer
Key Features


  • L100 Yanmar Diesel engine, electric start, with no engine-oil safety alert
  • Automatic decelerator to reduce number of revs in bypass phase
  • Comet geared triple plunger pump with unloader valve – for smooth and reliable operation
  • 33″ Heavy duty dual lance with 1/4″ MEG 25 degree fan nozzle
  • 10-metre High pressure twin wire rubber hose – for industrial use and longevity
  • Heavy duty metal trolley with 2x 10″ pneumatic wheels, 2x caster wheels – for robustness and great manoeuvrability
  • Fuel tank with level float
  • Double coil vertical boiler with stainless steel casing for longevity, with thermal protection
  • Flame control kit
  • Electronic temperature setting
  • Dry weight – 210kg