Smartank™ System

The Streamline™ Smartank™ Flat Tank System

The Streamline™ Smartank™ Flat Tank System is a fully crash-tested system, secured into a vehicle utilizing a metal flange, as opposed to traditional systems using whole metal frames. This makes the Smartank™ a much safer option for window cleaning businesses, as it is less likely to shift or move in the event of an accident.

In addition, the Smartank™ is baffled to restrict water movement in transit. This helps to prevent water from sloshing around and causing damage to the tank or other equipment. The Smartank™ also has a height of less than 450mm, which makes it a very low-profile tank system. This takes up minimal van space, so you can still use the rest of your van for other purposes, such as storing ladders or other equipment.

Another advantage of the Smartank™ is the equipment cabinet. The cabinet is mounted at the front of the tank, at the door opening. This makes it very easy to access the pumps, controllers, and filters. Maintenance and filter changes are simply and quickly achieved, thanks to the easy-to-open cabinet.

The Smartank™ is available in two sizes, 400ltr and 650ltr options. This allows you to choose the size that best suits your needs.

Overall, the Streamline™ Smartank™ system is a safe, efficient, and easy-to-use window cleaning tank system.



The Streamline™ Smartank™ 650ltr Reverse Osmosis System, Dual Operator which includes DI filtration, capable of consistently producing thousands of litres of pure water, with ease of maintenance. The Smartank™ is baffled to restrict water movement in transit. With a height of less than 400mm this crash tested system is a safe, low centre of gravity van system, taking up minimal van space.


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Smartank™ Van System Kit


The Smartank™ can be fixed into vehicles utilising a metal flange, as opposed to traditional systems which use whole metal frames. With the equipment cabinet mounted at the front of the tank, at the opening, operating has never been easier.. and with pumps, controllers and filters easily accessible, via the opening of the cabinet, maintenance and filter changes are simple and quickly achieved.


The keys of the Smartank™ are,


  • The Smartank™ system offers low centre of gravity and a safe means of transport
  • The flat tank design with a false floor maximises van load area usage
  • Pumps run on 12v power, making them safe, quiet running and low cost to maintain
  • Flow controllers reduce water usage to a bare minimum
  • The Streamline™ Smartank™ system presents a professional image to your clients
  • Waterfed poles with brush head options eliminates the need for steps / ladders. Utilising a waterfed systems can reduce cleaning time by more than half, increasing efficiencies
Smartank® Van System Kit - Maintenance

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Smartank™ Van System Kit - Key Features

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Smartank™ Van System Kit - In Action

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Smartank® Van System Kit - Instruction Manual

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Smartank® Van System Kit - Specifications Sheet

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