Mobi™ Maxi™ RODI Trolley System Kit

the Mobi maxi trolley system

The Mobi™ Maxi™ RODI Trolley System Kit

The Stainless steel Mobi™ Maxi™ rodi trolley system features is the perfect portable system for window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, boat cleaning and many other hard surface exterior cleaning applications.

Providing that there is access to both water and mains power supply (230V), the Mobi™ Maxi™ filtration system will produce enough water and pressure for 2x operators to clean up to 25mtr (80ft), simultaneously.

Operators can make use of the Stainless steel Mobi™ Maxi™ trolley system in courtyards, schools, rooftops and areas where a van system cannot access.

The trolley systems can also be mounted on rooftops for abseiling or suspended platform-based cleaning, with the use of a short lightweight carbon pole.

We also supply the smaller Mobi™ Midget™ trolley system.

mobi maxi in action
Mobi™ Maxi™ Trolley System Kit



  • Compact, Robust, and Sturdy Stainless-Steel Frame
  • Suitable For Operators To Use The Trolley System In Most Industrial Environments Unit Can Be Operated In Either Horizontal Or Vertical Positions
  • Large Stainless-Steel Membrane Housing, With 4040 Filterplus™ Membranes
  • Pressure Gauge Monitors The Pressure In Membrane Housing
  • Industrial, 120psi, 230V, Fan-Cooled Booster Pump
  • Inline TDS Meter Monitors The Water Quality After The RO Filter And After The Final Polishing DI Filter
  • Comes Complete With Hose Connections For Inlet, Outlets, And
    Wastewater Ports
  • 2x Operators, With Separate Port’s
  • 5mtr Electrical Cable


mobi maxi trolley system in action
close up of the mobi maxi trolley system pressure gauge
pressure gauge on mobi maxi
mobi maxi trolley system control panel
OVA8 waterfed poles

The OVA8™ Waterfed Pole Range

Quick release system: The OVA8™ quick release system allows you to remove and attach the brush with ease, either vertically or horizontally to suit the application.

Zero Spin: The innovative flat sided design ensures pole spin and worm pole sections are a thing of the past

Superior Clamps: Pole section clamps ensure the pole stays where you want them no matter the height

100% Carbon Fibre: Super lightweight carbon fibre poles

Choose Your OVA8™ Pole Size

  • Product Code: OV14-24-E – 2.44mtr
  • Product Code: OV17-24-E – 5.1mtr
  • Product Code: OV22-24-E – 6.7mtr
  • Product Code: OV25-24-E – 7.3mtr
  • Product Code: OV30-24-E – 9.1mtr
  • Product Code: OV40-30-E – 12.4mtr
  • Product Code: OV45-30-E – 13.7mtr
  • Product Code: OV60-40-E – 18.2mtr
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Mobi™ Mobi™ Trolley System Kit - Instructions Manual

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Mobi™ Maxi™ Trolley System Kit - Specifications Sheet

Download your copy of the Mobi™ Maxi™ Trolley System Kit Specification sheet to see the features and benefits of your kit.

mobi maxi trolley system

Specifications of The Mobi™ Maxi™

Product Code: FP-TR2000-03

Here are the specification of the Streamline™ Mobi™ Maxi™ trolley system:

Product Dimensions

  • Height: 1340mm
  • Width: 450mm
  • Depth: 600mm
  1. TDS Meter
  2. On/Off Switch
  3. Carbon Block Filter
  4. Carbon Sediment Filter
  5. DI Fliter
  6. Pressure Gauge
  7. Inlet/Outlet/Waste Water Connections
  8. Flat Free Wheels
  9. 5mtr Electrical Cable
  10. RO Membrane Housing